Monday, February 6, 2006


Recent photos and some good news

`I’m happy to say that silicone was not responsible for my recent stay in the hospital. I had a severe case of pneumonia. I’m not sure how or why the hospital doctors were so focused on the silicone; I can only guess that because of the controversy surrounding silicone usage, they immediately wanted to focus on that.

Early on, the hospital doctors said I may have pneumonia, but then they seemed to rule it out. The diagnosis on my discharge paperwork says, “Probable Silicone Embolism Syndrome”. It’s amazing that after 2 weeks in the hospital, they couldn’t be a little more sure about it.’

Be wared, this forum post it brought to you by the ExtremeCock Community and there are pictures posted. Bet you can’t guess why “silicone” keeps getting mentioned. 🙂

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