Monday, May 28, 2007


Jim Bailey’s Fatal Stunt

‘Not fake – He’s dead. It happened Wednesday 1 April 1981, in Hawaii.
This is the news report of the incident:

Australian stuntman Jim Bailey, known as ”The Human Torpedo,” fell 500 feet to his death from an airplane while making a film for television Wednesday, authorities said.

Initially, authorities said Baily was performing for ABC-TV’s ”That’s Incredible,” but the show’s producer denied having any connection with the accident.

Witnesses, including members of the Maui Fire Department and the rescue unit, said Bailey, a resident of Brisbane, Australia, was suspended underneath a single-engine Ballanca by a strap and belt when the belt broke. He hung onto the strap for a few seconds before falling.’

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3 Responses to “Jim Bailey’s Fatal Stunt”

  1. James Says:

    “It happened Wednesday 1 April 1981…” April Fools Day? Hmmm… Interesting that there are no stories on the internet from credible news sites on this.

  2. Ian Says:

    While I cannot confirm the exact date this occurred, I can say that I know Jims brother very well, it is a fact that this happened, I never got to meet Jim.
    He went by the name “Jim Bullet Bailey”.


    As a matter of a fact, his my grandfather and this is very true. People in today’s society need to grow up an have a bit of respect. We as family all read what people like yourself James and having respect should be considered. Take the time to research and rad articles.e

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