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Friday, June 29, 2007


Shadow Art

Clever, and kinda cool.


Thursday, June 28, 2007


Aussie drivers hit below belt

‘A new Australian ad campaign is seeking to reduce road deaths by questioning the manhood of speeding drivers.

The series of TV ads shows women shaking their little finger – a gesture used to symbolise a small penis – as speeding male motorists race past.

The campaign aims to make speeding socially unacceptable among young drivers, reports the BBC.

The “Speeding. No-one Thinks Big of You” campaign will run on TV, in cinemas, at bus shelters and online.’

Friday, June 22, 2007


Which way does she spin?

Look at it for a while. Look at the foot in particular.


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Dingos Ate My Bandwidth Again

Updates are going to be a bit scarce for the rest of the month. I’ve managed to exceed my home download quota way too early in the month, so finding good news and web sites is a bit tricky at the moment.

Tho, I mean tricky in the sense that I’m capped to 64kbps and can’t be fucked sitting around all day and waiting for web pages to load. 🙂

I’ll see how it goes an try to make a few posts. Otherwise, I expect things will be back to normal as soon as July arrives.

In the mean time, if you’re bored, check out some of the archives. There’s whole bunches of hilarity and amusion around the site. 🙂

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Monkey Sex

I may have posted this video before, but never with the narration. 🙂

(1.5meg Flash video)

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Monday, June 18, 2007


Vector TD

Another one of those cool Tower Defence type games.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Biblical sex — it could knock your socks off

‘Almost everything we think we know about the Bible and sex is wrong.

Instead of being a list of sexual shalt-nots, the Bible contains so much graphic eroticism that parents may want to keep the sacred text away from youth under age 18.

Indeed, that’s what 2,000 Hong Kong residents tried to do in May when they called on a Chinese decency commission to restrict the Bible to adults only because it contains passages that seem to give the okay to incest, rape, adultery and a father offering his daughters to strangers for sexual gratification.’


Rules may frost some cereal icons

‘Toucan Sam’s Froot Loop-hawking days on Saturday morning TV may be numbered.

The Kellogg Co. said Wednesday that it would phase out advertising its products to children younger than 12 unless the foods meet specific nutrition guidelines for calories, sugar, fat and sodium.

Kellogg also announced that it would stop using licensed characters or branded toys to promote foods unless the products meet the nutrition guidelines.

The voluntary changes, which will be put in place over the next year and a half, will apply to about half the products Kellogg markets to children worldwide, including Froot Loops and Apple Jacks cereals and Pop-Tarts.’

Giant Penis Festival

This is some strange festival involving giant wooden penises, possibly in Japan or China.

(3.6meg Flash video)

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Why videogamers make ace surgeons and better drivers

‘Playing videogames is a great workout for your eyes. In a recent study at the University of Toronto, videogame players consistently beat nongamers in timed searches for targets in both simple and complex visual environments (spotting the b in a field of ks, for example). The scientists say that videogames—which reward rapid searches for hidden targets—boost quick, efficient eye movement and improve scanning skills that can enhance your reading and driving. You can’t find exercise like that at the gym.’


Pacific island in spin over planned pro-marijuana conference

‘A proposed pro-marijuana conference to be held in the US-administered Northern Mariana Islands has led to a bizarre row among local legislators.

Opponents of the conference of Californian-based activists advocating that marijuana should be legalised have suggested the territory should be renamed the Northern Marijuana Islands.

But the cash-strapped government says the conference would be a boon for the sagging tourism industry.

“We welcome anybody who wants to hold a conference here, whether it be to discuss marijuana or not,” government spokesman Charles Reyes said Thursday.’


Dog sniffs out cancerous tumours in woman’s breast

‘Two-year-old Freeman, a rare Catahoula leopard dog with boundless energy, might very well be the reason his owner Darcy Ingram is alive today. [..]

In December 2005, at just six months old, Freeman sniffed out what Ingram’s doctors assured her was not there: a cancerous tumour in her right breast.

“He kept hurting me and hurting me,” said Ingram, a picture of health today. “He wouldn’t leave that breast alone.” One day, Freeman’s powerful snout knocked Ingram’s breast: “It swelled up like a cantaloupe. That’s when all the fun started.”‘


Extreme Tourette’s

Apparently it causes muscle spasming as well as hilarious vulgarity.

(13.2meg Flash video)

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Americans less happy today than 30 years ago

‘Americans are less happy today than they were 30 years ago thanks to longer working hours and a deterioration in the quality of their relationships with friends and neighbors, according to an Italian study.

Researchers presenting their work at a conference on “policies for happiness” at Italy’s Siena University honed in on two major forces that boost happiness– higher income and better social relationships — and put a dollar value on them.

Based on that, they concluded a person with no friends or social relations with neighbors would have to earn $320,000 more each year than someone who did to enjoy the same level of happiness.’

‘God’ gets arrested, doesn’t get slippers

‘A Gary man claiming to be God wanted his slippers — right now.

Instead, he was arrested at a Merrillville Payless Shoes store.

Police filed two counts of attempted robbery, two counts of criminal confinement and intimidation charges against Richard Brewer Jr., Detective Jeff Rice said.

Brewer, 50, entered the store on Broadway about 1 p.m. Thursday, and asked two employees for socks and slippers. The employees gave Brewer the socks he was looking for, Rice said, and told him they didn’t have the slippers.

Rice said Brewer then moved closer to the employees and told them he was God.

“He said ‘When God speaks to you you’re supposed to give him everything,'” Rice said.’

The last place on Earth

‘What are the last true outposts on our planet? In an era when humanity seems to have subjugated the whole world, are there any places left untouched by human influence?

To find out, New Scientist set out to discover the Last Places on Earth. Pleasingly, there were plenty to choose from: unclimbed mountains, unexplored caves, unmapped deserts, tribes untouched by the outside world and islands where alien species have yet to invade. We also discovered the last place dinosaurs roamed, the last place to make radio contact with the rest of the world, the very last place that will survive when our sun expands – and many more. So join us on our grand tour of the planet’s most unknown, pristine or downright extraordinary locations…’

Elaborate Shootout Prank

Also with explosions.

This poor girl is scared out of her mind. 🙂

(7.8meg Flash video)

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Pit Bull Needs Viagra Donations To Stay Alive

‘A female pit bull living at a Long Island animal shelter needs donations of Viagra to stay alive, according to a spokesperson of the Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center.

Ingrid, 4, was rescued in April after being near death from heartworms, according to Marge Stein, a spokesperson for the shelter.

The shelter sought a vet who suggested giving Viagra a try to keep the dog’s blood vessels open.

“We were really worried she wouldn’t make it,” Stein said during a phone interview with “There was such a turnaround after or week or so of the Viagra; she just became a new dog. She perked up and was lively, just like any other dog.”‘

4 Dolphins Shot to Death in California

‘Four dead dolphins have washed ashore with fatal bullet wounds and fifth with lacerations on its pectoral fin, said authorities who have offered a reward for information on the slayings.

The long-beaked common dolphins were all discovered between Carlsbad State Beach and Oceanside Harbor between May 29 and June 5. Photos showed their normally sleek gray skin mottled and stained with blood from the bullet wounds.

“It’s a horrendous thing that happened,” said Mark Oswell, spokesman for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. “That someone would go out there and shoot four dolphins.”‘


Scramjet hits Mach 10 over Australia

‘A supersonic scramjet engine has been successfully launched from a test range in Australia. The Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) said the scramjet achieved reached 10 times the speed of sound during the test.

Scramjets are supersonic combustion engines that use oxygen from the atmosphere to burn onboard fuel. By contrast, conventional rockets carry their own oxygen to burn fuel. The hope is that scramjets can be made lighter and faster than oxygen-carrying rockets.

But mixing oxygen with a fuel in a supersonic airflow and then igniting it is tricky. The tests involved accelerating the scramjet to several times the speed of sound and switching it on.’

Will NASA Accidentally “Nuke” Saturn?

Followup to Did NASA Accidentally “Nuke” Jupiter?.

(13.1meg Flash video)

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Driver Almost Chokes on Bag of Marijuana

‘Police arrested a man for marijuana possession, but not before officers had to save him from choking after he apparently tried to hide the drugs by swallowing them.

Officers pulled over a car Wednesday night and as one of the officers approached the driver’s side, “he noticed the driver was choking on a large Baggie” of marijuana, said police spokesman Gordon Bassham.

The officers performed the Heimlich maneuver on the driver without success. Bassham said the man was passing out when one of the officers reached down his throat and pulled the Baggie out.’


Space station computer crash a mystery

‘Crews aboard the space shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station revived the third and final part of the station’s prime computer network on Saturday and scoured the complex for the cause of the crash.

The computers, which control the station’s position in orbit, were restored after station commander Fyodor Yurchikin and flight engineer Oleg Kotov hot-wired the systems to bypass suspect power sources. [..]

So far, the best explanation for the crash is a subtle change in the space environment now that the station’s size has grown, Suffredini said.

As the station flies 220 miles above Earth, it plows through streams of charged particles which create friction and build up a static voltage charge on the outside.

“As the station gets bigger, this potential continues to grow,” Suffredini said. “I think we’re going to find system sensitivities as we change the space station.”‘


Saturday, June 16, 2007


Tighten Your Belt When You Use A Shot Gun

(283kB Flash video)

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Revenge By Itching Powder

‘A spurned lover got revenge on her partner – by putting itching powder in his underpants.

Brenda Spilsbury, 57, found David Henderson, 59, having sex with work colleague Ann Graham.

Over a three year period, Spilsbury also sent the former head teacher hate mail and damaged 45-year-old mum-of-two Ann’s car, a court heard. [..]

Spilsbury added: “Ann was married, and left her husband. I saw the itching powder as a way to make David suffer.’


Diet Drug: Lose Weight, Possibly Soil Self

‘Dr. Stephen Goldberg, who heads up Jewish Hospital’s weight management program, said the drug is healthy, much more so than many of the diet drugs on the shelves today. But he said dieters must do their part, limiting their fat intake to 15 grams per meal — or else.

“You would experience bloating, you would experience loose stools, the urgency to have a bowel movement. Some people would have accidents. In general, side effects that aren’t very pleasant,” Goldberg said.’

FBI Terror Watch List ‘Out of Control’

‘A terrorist watch list compiled by the FBI has apparently swelled to include more than half a million names.

Privacy and civil liberties advocates say the list is growing uncontrollably, threatening its usefulness in the war on terror.

The bureau says the number of names on its terrorist watch list is classified.

A portion of the FBI’s unclassified 2008 budget request posted to the Department of Justice Web site, however, refers to “the entire watch list of 509,000 names,” which is utilized by its Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force.’

News Reporter Plays The Skin Flute

(1.5meg Flash video)

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Scots get drug that can save sight, but English don’t

‘Thousands of pensioners will go blind every year after the Government’s rationing watchdog said a sight-saving drug available in Scotland should not be given to NHS patients in England and Wales.

Patients’ groups and doctors condemned “cruel” draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Nice rejected the use of Macugen for patients with the most common form of blindness, wet age-related macular degeneration, or AMD.

It said another drug, Lucentis, could be used but only if patients have gone almost blind in one eye and the disease is far progressed in the other.

It also restricted the use of Lucentis to a specific type of the condition which affects only around 20 per cent of sufferers.’


Toddler survives wild ride on dad’s truck

‘It’s a small miracle that 3-year-old Christa Whitlow is even alive after a perilous 45 mph ride atop her father’s truck.

Christa climbed on top of the camper on her father’s pickup, then hung on for dear life when the truck started moving.

Carey Whitlow had no idea his daughter was on board. The sight of her wounds hurt him deeply. [..]

Christa apparently gripped onto the top of her dad’s camper for five whole miles. Police said they found her on Jim Hood Road, where she apparently let go of her grip. A passing driver said he saw her fall. But Daddy’s little girl got back up and chased after her dad.

“She said she got tired and stepped off and fell,” Carey said. “I didn’t know. That’s what hurt the most.”‘

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