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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Corgi eater sets mashed potato target

‘A British artist who ate a meal of meatballs made from a dead corgi dog in a protest against animal cruelty, says his next project will involve being buried in a box under a mountain of mashed potato.

Performance artist Mark McGowan, 37, said the corgi, which died from natural causes, tasted terrible. [..]

Now McGowan is switching his attention from animals to vegetables. He told Sky News television that his next project would be an interpretation of the work of American illusionist David Blaine.

“I am being buried in a box – a David Blaine type thing – in Dublin underneath a metre of mashed potato,” he said.

He did not explain why.’

Followup to British man eats corgi with Yoko.

Monday, June 4, 2007


3 Year Old Is Amazing Finger Painter

This kid paints better than I can. 🙂 With his fingers no less.

(6.8meg Windows media)

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Thursday, May 31, 2007


British man eats corgi with Yoko

‘A British artist ate a corgi dog, famous for being Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite breed, in protest after a group including her husband Prince Philip allegedly killed a fox earlier this year.

And Yoko Ono, the widow of ex-Beatle John Lennon, also had a taste of the “really, really disgusting” meat, which came from a corgi that died naturally at a breeding farm.

Mark McGowan, who has previously eaten a swan as part of a performance art show, tucked into the dog live on a London radio station. [..]

McGowan said the dog tasted “really, really disgusting,” and added that Ono “looked a bit strange” as she also tasted the dog.’

Followup to Artist with taste for publicity to eat corgi in protest over royal hunting.

Update: Now with video.

(3.5meg Windows media)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Art Project Lets You Shoot an Iraqi

‘The Iraqi-born artist was speaking to a NEWSWEEK reporter 19 days into a grueling monthlong project that sounds, at first blush, suspiciously gimmicky: until June 4, Bilal is living his entire life inside one room at Chicago’s Flatfile Gallery, which anyone with a Web connection can log on to watch. Oh, and to shoot him. With “Domestic Tension” Bilal has turned his makeshift living quarters into a 24-hour-a-day war zone. Viewers can peep in on him anonymously at any time, and even chat with him online. On the installation’s Web site, his audience can fight for control of the camera and pan it around the room. Since the camera is affixed to a rifle-sized paintball gun — and the Web site has a button that allows viewers to fire the gun — they also have the opportunity to shoot at him, or anything else in his room. Which they have done an astonishing 40,000 times in the project’s first two and a half weeks.’

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Artist with taste for publicity to eat corgi in protest over royal hunting

‘An artist has caused outrage among animal activists by announcing plans to eat a corgi dog on live radio in a protest against the Royal Family.

Mark McGowan says he will tuck into the dead animal next week to highlight the death of a fox on a royal shoot.

The performance artist made his name by sitting in a bath full of baked beans and sausages to defend the English breakfast and pushing a monkey nut round London with his nose.

He said: “I know some people will find this offensive and tasteless. But I am doing this to raise awareness about the RSPCA’s inability to prosecute Prince Philip and his friends for shooting a fox earlier this year, letting it struggle for life for five minutes and then beating it to death with a stick.”‘


Bad kid karma ruins Buddhist picture

‘The little boy spotted the pile of colored sand and couldn’t resist. Slipping under a protective rope, he danced all over the sand, ruining the carefully crafted picture.

Never mind that it was the creation of Tibetan monks who had spent two days on the floor of Union Station, meticulously pouring the sand into an intricate design as an expression of their Buddhist faith.

They were more than halfway done with the design — called a mandala — on Tuesday when they ended their work for the day and left. The little boy showed up later with his mother, who was taking a package to a post office in the hall.

”He did a little tap dance on it, completely destroying it,” said Lama Chuck Stanford.’

(3.3meg Windows media)

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


For a Former CIA Master of Disguises, An Eye for an Eye

‘When he retired in 1993 after more than 30 years as a disguise specialist for the Central Intelligence Agency, Robert Barron wasn’t ready to stop doing the work he loved. The Bluemont resident founded Custom Prosthetic Designs in Ashburn.

The one-man shop specializes in lifelike silicone prosthetics for people with birth defects or missing features. Barron has sculpted an ear for a 5-year-old born without one, a nose for a cancer survivor and fingers for a survivor of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon.

If his work, shown in before-and-after photos on his Web site, appears startling in its verisimilitude, that’s because Barron worries the details, down to the hairs visible on an ear and the freckles on a nose. “It’s just like in the Agency,” he says. “I wouldn’t issue [agents] a disguise if their life would be in jeopardy” as the result of a less-than-perfect disguise.’

There’s a cool photo gallery also.


Museum offered head for shrinking

‘An artist has offered to donate his own head to an Oxford museum – if a collection of shrunken heads has to be returned to South America.

Ted Dewan has written to Oxford University’s Pitt Rivers Museum to offer his own head for shrinking.

Museums have been facing an ethical debate about whether they should keep human remains on display or repatriate them for burial.

But the museum has now turned down Mr Dewan’s offer of a replacement head.’


Monday, May 21, 2007


Microwave melting of metals

‘The first part of this Foundry Note describes a technique for using a domestic microwave oven to melt and cast, to accurate shape, small quantities (up to a quarter of a kilo) of bronze, silver, white metal or iron. The technique has been used to cast pieces from ceramic shell moulds up to about 18cm high, and is an accessible alternative to other small-scale melting set-ups, for example the flask casting of jewellery.

The second part of the note describes thoughts and tests which led to the procedure. It offers guidance and some warnings, to anyone making investigations into metal heating by microwave.’


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


18,000 Mexicans Strip for Artist’s Photo

‘More than 18,000 people stripped down and bared it all in Mexico City’s vast main square Sunday for U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick’s biggest nude shoot yet.

Standing up to salute, crouching in fetal positions and lying prone on the tiles of the Zocalo plaza, the volunteers formed a sea of flesh that Tunick snapped from balconies and a small crane in the morning light.

“What a moment for the Mexican art scene!” Tunick said in a news conference. “I think all eyes are looking south from the United Sates to Mexico City to see how a country can be free and treat the naked body as art. Not as pornography or as a crime, but with happiness and caring.”‘

I really like this image.


Sunday, May 6, 2007


Autistic Man Draws Near-Perfect Panorama of Rome

‘A British man with Autism flies over Rome once in a helicopter and is able to recreate a huge, near-perfect panorama of the city. It takes him three days to complete his drawing.’

(18.1meg Windows media)

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Saturday, May 5, 2007


Giant Robot Dinosaurs

(9.3meg Flash video)

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Friday, May 4, 2007


La chute

There are apparently images of break dancers, taken to make it appear as if they’re falling.

Monday, April 30, 2007


A pugilist instructional manual

‘Impressed with the underappreciated genre of the instructional photograph, the following images collect the essential gestures of the boxer’s practice. The female nude recontextualizes the perception of these potentially violent actions into an aesthetic convention of expected beauty.’


Sunday, April 22, 2007


Suburban Vancouver drama teacher has pupils re-enact Virginia Tech massacre

‘A drama teacher at a suburban Vancouver elementary school is expressing regret for having her students re-enact the Virginia Tech massacre.

The principal at South Park elementary school in Delta says the teacher has used topical news events as the basis for her plays in the past.

But this time Doug Thomson agrees with some students and parents who say she went too far.

The Grade 6 and Grade 7 students were asked to play roles from Monday’s massacre in which a mentally ill student gunned down 32 students and teachers at the U.S. college before killing himself.’

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Pratt paints over government art

‘The mural destroyed by ACT Liberal MP Steve Pratt was paid for under a government program to promote legal street art and was effective in discouraging vandalism.

The artwork was funded under an urban planning scheme and commissioned by a local sporting group, said Chris Kon of the Department of Territory and Municipal Services.

Legal artworks like the one Mr Pratt painted over as part of a publicity stunt to promote his anti-vandalism policies were “very successful” at discouraging illegal graffiti, said Mr Kon. [..]

“It’ll cost some money for (the artist) to re-do it again.” [..]

State Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said the matter would be referred to the police for investigation.’

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Japanese Air Sex

‘In the past anyone who didnt have musical talent could release their creative juices by playing Air Guitar, well why cant the same be true for people who have never had sex? Thats why Air Sex is sweeping Japan as the latest craze.’

(11.0meg Windows media)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Chocolate Jesus show canceled

‘A planned Holy Week exhibition of a nude, anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ was canceled Friday amid a choir of complaining Catholics that included Cardinal Edward Egan.

The “My Sweet Lord” display was shut down by the hotel that houses the Lab Gallery in midtown Manhattan, said Matt Semler, the gallery’s creative director. Semler said he submitted his resignation after officials at the Roger Smith Hotel shut down the show.

The six-foot sculpture was the victim of “a strong-arming from people who haven’t seen the show, seen what we’re doing,” Semler said. “They jumped to conclusions completely contrary to our intentions.”

But word of the confectionary Christ infuriated Catholics, including Egan, who described it as “a sickening display.” Bill Donohue, head of the watchdog Catholic League, said it was “one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever.”‘


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Art: cars with dirty glass

Using the dirt on car windows to do drawings.


Friday, March 2, 2007


Running the Numbers

‘This new series looks at contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics. Each image portrays a specific quantity of something: fifteen million sheets of office paper (five minutes of paper use); 106,000 aluminum cans (thirty seconds of can consumption) and so on. My hope is that images representing these quantities might have a different effect than the raw numbers alone, such as we find daily in articles and books. Statistics tend to feel abstract and anesthetizing, making it difficult to connect with and make meaning of 3.6 million SUV sales in one year, for example, or 2.3 million Americans in prison, or $12.5 million spent every hour on the Iraq war. This project visually examines these vast and bizarre measures of our society, in large intricately detailed prints assembled from thousands of smaller photographs.’


Thursday, March 1, 2007


Packet Garden

‘Packet Garden captures information about how you use the internet and uses this stored information to grow a private world you can later explore.

To do this, Packet Garden takes note of all the servers you visit, their geographical location and the kinds of data you access. Uploads make hills and downloads valleys, their location determined by numbers taken from internet address itself. The size of each hill or valley is based on how much data is sent or received. Plants are also grown for each protocol detected by the software; if you visit a website, an ‘HTTP plant’ is grown. If you share some files via eMule, a ‘Peer to Peer plant’ is grown, and so on.’

Looks interesting, but won’t install under 64-bit Windows.


Monday, February 26, 2007


Pig Pig Pig

Hot sexy images.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Scrotum Art

Monday, February 19, 2007


Enema Paintings

Making art with enemas, by the looks of it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Dutch judge: Peep shows are theatre

‘An Amsterdam judge has ruled that peep shows – where sex workers performing strip shows and explicit acts can be watched from booths – are a form of theatre and club owners are entitled to a hefty tax break.

“Admitting customers to peep shows is equivalent to admitting them to a theatre performance,” an Amsterdam Appeals Court judge wrote in a ruling late last month and publicized Tuesday. “The erotic character of the performance does not diminish that.”‘

Greer out, Irwin in

‘She bagged him after he was fatally speared by a stingray – but Steve Irwin has overshadowed outspoken feminist Germaine Greer from beyond the grave.

His portrait has replaced the study of the writer and academic on the walls of Australia’s National Portrait Gallery.

The photograph of Greer, who penned a scathing criticism of Irwin days after his death, was pulled from the gallery and a portrait of the wildlife warrior installed in her place last week.’


Saturday, January 20, 2007


Geostationary Banana Over Texas

‘.. is an art intervention that involves placing a gigantic banana over the Texas sky. The object will float between the high atmosphere and Earth’s low orbit, being visible only from the state of Texas and its surroundings. From the ground the banana will be clearly recognizable and visible day and night; it will stay up for approximately one month.’

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Bizarre Giant Boob Dolls

This is some sort of art or some bizarre new fetish. Maybe both.

Eat My Fat, It’s Art

`Chilean artist Marco Evaristti presented his friends with his newest creation on Thursday night: Meatballs cooked with fat from his own body, extracted by liposuction.

‘Ladies and gentleman, bon appetit and may God bless,’ said Evaristti, a glass in his hand, to his dining companions seated around a table at the Animal Gallery in Chile’s capital, Santiago.

On the plates in front of them was a serving of agnolotti pasta and in the middle, a meatball made with the fat that Evaristti had removed from his body last last year.

‘You are not a cannibal if you eat art,’ he added. He described it as a criticism of the plastic surgery market.’

Also, images of people eating the meatballs.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hunt for fry-up tattoo volunteer

`If you have ever fancied having a full fry-up breakfast tattooed on your head, Blane Dickinson could make your unlikely dream come true.

The tattoo artist is searching for someone willing to turn themselves into a live exhibition of the classic bacon and eggs way to start the day.

Mr Dickinson, from Penmaenmawr, Conwy, wants to take his model around UK tattoo competitions.

It would include a knife and fork behind each ear.’